"All 40 snare rudiments takeaway"

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With the Rudiment app you always have all 40 snare drum rudiments in your pocket, allowing you to practice them and bring them to perfection.

English, German, Spanish

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Playback mode

The app features a playback mode to play the rudiments and has a built-in metronome with which you can learn to control and improve your timing from 40 to 220 bpm.

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Three practice modes

  • Simple repetition: In this mode, the rudiment or metronome is repeated indefinitely.
  • Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTrainer: Helps to practice your maximum speed. Lets you define the amount of repetitions after which the speed will be increased by how much BPM.
  • Guided Exercise: Define how many sets of exercises you want to perform, each with how many repetitions.

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Targeted Practice

Rate your performance. The speed of your next training is then automatically adjusted depending on your rating.

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Exercise Statistics

Lets you follow your progress during practice. On the horizontal axis you can see the number of your practice sessions and while on the vertical axis you can see at how many BPM you have finished your last exercise. This speed is automatically set when you selecting the fill again to practice.

  • all 40 essential rudiments from The Percussive Arts Society's Essential Snare Drum Rudiments
  • stepless adjustment of beats-per-minute
  • full playback mode - let the phone play the drums
  • pattern switching through shaking or flinging
  • automatized tempo trainer
  • guided practice mode with customizable settings of number of practice rounds, repetitions per round, automatic tempo change and breaks
  • rating of your performance
  • practice statistics for all drum fills